What does the Chamber do for me?

What do you want us to do for you? Like any membership organization, we are driven by the needs of our members, events like the Small Business Expo best serve the needs of certain segments of our membership. The Water Fun Run and our work at tourism events are geared toward other businesses. The free hospitality training, tax seminars and employment law sessions are information which almost any business can use.

How much does it cost?

Most of our members are small businesses which pay $150 a year, which includes any of the educational classes, our monthly e-newsletter and inclusion in our weekly e-mail list if you like.

What are the benefits?

The Chamber works for the whole community, so I can get the benefits without actually joining…
Yes, that’s true. The awareness of our community and the encouragement to shop at home may benefit you without your membership commitment, but your voice won’t be heard. We will not be as strong an organization or know the specific needs of your business without your involvement. Surviving in business is tough and the contacts and benefits of the Chamber can be tremendous with only a minimal investment. One referral can more than pay for an annual membership.

I don’t have time to come out there and drink coffee and attend a bunch of committee meetings.

No one does. We meet to accomplish specific tasks which generate rewards for our members. Our monthly coffee takes one hour. We hear the upcoming events for the month, meet new members and get back to work.

How do I get involved?

New members regularly join our committees. You will find a supportive, welcoming group of people who work hard and are willing to share the load.

How can I learn more about the Chamber?

Please call us at 731-642-3431.