Lowes Team Repairs Eiffel Tower

Lowes of Paris has provided both materials and a team to make repairs and improvements to Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower replica in Eiffel Tower Park, scheduled to begin September 10th. The project will be funded with a $2500 Lowes Heroes grant and 24 members of Lowes’ staff, working in shifts, all of whom are volunteering their time. Every Lowes store is given the $2500 to contribute back to their communities.

Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce President Tony Lawrence, Paris Parks and Recreation, said “The Paris Parks and Recreation Department is very excited to be working with Lowes. With the donation, Lowes and Parks staff are able to re-brick the base of the Eiffel Tower, which is a major focal point in Paris. Everyday several people stop and get their picture made in front of our Tower. In its current condition some of the bricks are cracked, patched, and replaced. We are grateful to Brody Hemingway and his staff at Paris Lowes for their help.  We are looking forward to seeing the finished project.”

Lowes of Paris Manager Brody Hemingway said “Our purpose is simple – we help people love where they live. What better way to show this than to complete a project around one of our community’s most cherished landmarks?”

Paris Mayor Carlton Gerrell, TVCC Community Church added “The Eiffel Tower is one of our premier landmarks and attractions. People from all over the country stop each day to see and take a picture. The generous and gracious gift from Lowes  will be a tremendous assets to make our visitors experience to Paris more pleasant.”