Dan Lampariello

PARIS, Tenn. — A larger than life West Tennessee landmark got a much needed face lift Thursday morning, all through a program aimed at giving back to the community.The Eiffel Tower in Paris has been a little bit of Europe right here in West Tennessee since it was erected in 1992.”It’s been something we’ve been kind of looking at doing,” Paris Parks and Rec. Director Tony Lawrence said. “Re-bricking the wall because it had some cracks and age over the years.”

It’s a beautification project all done by volunteers.

“A lot of hard labor goes into this,” said Brody Hemingway a manager with Lowe’s. “We’ve dug out underneath, gluing blocks down, capping it off and making a nice clean look for the community.”

Giving back is the main purpose of the Lowe’s Hero’s program, which put $2,500 towards the reconstruction.

“Were selling goods at a retail store but to be able to give back to our community is a key part of what we stand for,” Hemingway said. “It’s our values as people as part of the community and our business.”

Standing more than 60 feet tall, the tower has been part of West Tennessee for more than 20 years.

“We have weddings here and we have all kinds of activities planned around our Eiffel tower,” Lawrence said. “It’s just so unique.”

Thousands from all over the country, like the Haller’s who came all the way from Wisconsin, stop by every year just for a photo.

“Being our anniversary we told all of our family and friends at home that we were in Paris,” Kay Haller said. “So we said we better take a picture at the Eiffel Tower.”

As hundreds more strike a pose in front of this landmark year after year, this Paris is building it up for years to come, together.

“All of these people are just volunteering their time,” Lawrence said. “It’s not just Lowe’s it’s the whole community.”

All materials used to build the new retaining wall around the tower were completely paid for by the Lowe’s in Paris. They also plan to help build a new platform in front of the tower to make it easier for people to take pictures.